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Eat Your HEART Out!

Over the last few weeks we have been presenting the information from the first five units of the HEY! Curriculum. This week we explore the Circulatory System.

The Circulatory System works as a machine to move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and provide energy for daily tasks and physical activity. The lungs, veins, arteries, heart, and lymphatic systems are all key components in blood distribution.circulatoryfoods

Our blood is made up of nutrient rich red blood cells, infection fighting white blood cells, and wound healing platelets. Blood travels through this system via a network of veins, arteries, and capillaries. Veins bring oxygen-depleted blood to the lungs where it is oxygenated and sent back to the heart to be travel via arteries and capillaries to the rest of the body. Oxygenated blood provides nutrients and energy to other body systems and muscles.

The Lymphatic System is key to cleaning germs and toxins from our body. Lymph nodes are located throughout the body and clean germs/toxins from blood via systematic muscle contractions.

Regular physical activity is necessary to properly oxygenate the blood. You should keep your body moving in a variety of ways to provide adequate oxygen for your body. Physical activity also helps the lymphatic system clean the blood.

Food works as fuel to feed the body. The circulatory system distributes the nutrients you eat by moving blood through the body. Make sure to consume foods as close to their natural state as possible to allow the highest levels of nutrients to feed your body.

Here is a list of foods that work to feed your Circulatory System:


Notice that Circulatory System needs Vitamin C, Iron, Omega 3, and Fiber to feed your body. Find fun foods with these nutrients and make a new meal tonight!


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Bone Fuel

Bones provide a framework that supports our every movement and protects our soft tissues and organs. Our bones abonefoodsre the hardest part of the body and come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on function. Our blood is created within the marrow of the bones.

The bones work as machines to move our bodies; exercise and physical activity are necessary to strengthen the bones and keep them healthy. Weight-bearing activities such as running, walking, and jump rope are most effective at keeping the bones strong and mobile.

What are your favorite physical activities?

What we put into our bodies strengthens the bones. Our bones need calcium, iron, and Vitamins C, K, and D to stay healthy and perform all their functions. Eat a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits as well as dairy products to supply the body with these necessary nutrients.


Is there something on the bone foods list that’s new to you?

Look it up and find a recipe to feed your bones tonight!

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Mastermind Monday

Food for thoughtDid you know that the Brain controls and protects every part of your body?

Your brain is responsible for all of your actions, feelings, and thoughts.

Do you feed it with healthy, yummy foods every day?

Start optimizing your brain by supplying it with foods containing lots of water, antioxidants, protein, and special fats called Omega-3s.

And most important of all: WATER!


Prepare your meals with a variety of foods that FEED your BRAIN!

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Did you know that everything kids put into their body has the potential to keep them healthy and help them grow?

HealthStart Foundation has created a science-based health education curriculum called Health Education for Youngsters!HEY! for short. HEY! teaches children about the foods needed to nourish their 5 major body systems. Kids also learn how their social and emotional well-being impacts their health and how the the world around them contributes to their health.

Information from HEY! inspired the framework for Healthstart’s What are YOU Feeding? Cafeteria Program (WAYF?). We began piloting this initiative at UT Elementary School (UTES) in April 2013 educating students, staff, and parents alike on the connection between what they eat and their health. This fall HealthStart welcomes two new schools into our WAYF? pilot program: Cedars International Academy and Robert E. Lee Elementary. HealthStart programs will be taught in 22 early childhood education centers and elementary schools; educating and empowering 2000+ students in the 2015-16 school year.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 15.48.46

In honor of Back to School time each day next week this blog will feature a different body system from our HEY! Curriculum.

The FIVE Body Systems
The Brain

The Bones

The Circulatory System

The Muscles

The Digestive System

Come back to find out the featured systems importance to overall health and which foods you eat nourish it best. Monday we will start with the BRAIN!

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